Nature Inspires

Miniature scenes created from felt and stitchery . Nature is a most wonderful creator and inspiration to create and connect.



Some time ago l did some very small embroidery samples to try out new stitches and ideas. This one,about 5cm ,was a result . It was rediscovered and has become very relevant now as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.

It seems all the more appropriate now for many people worldwide have this question in their minds and hearts.

Why the cruelty why the killing,why the destruction,Why?Why?Why?


Tree stump pinchshion

Outside the wind is whispering that Autumn will soon be here. Thinking of Autumn inspired this project.

As the scene evolved so did the realisation that in its death and decay the stump is creating new life and enabling life to flourish. There is a never ending cycle of life and the interconnection of all things.

On the stump grow vines,fungi, and moss. At the base are toadstools and mushrooms,plants of all sorts. Leaves blow down from trees and enrich the soil.Seeds will sprout in the Spring Insects,reptiles,birds and small animals seek shelter in its hollows. A little mouse forages around the stump.

Beginnings and endings merge Change is inevitable.


The tIny bird has found a place to rest and observe ,to wonder and to muse.

How wonderful to be creating again. This is one of four toadstool houses, and each a new adventure. They emerge with no plan other than the general idea of making a toadstool house with a garden of delights.

What does my garden grow?
Dreams and stories,colours and shapes, that create adventures to lead imagination a merry dance.


It has been a too long absence. Life threw in a few challenges. For last two years l have been legally blind,somewhat an impediment to crafting,and writing the blog. That and covid. However at the end of 2022 the miracle of sight was returned through cataract surgery. The gratitude for the gift of sight is overwhelming. A wander in the garden is a daily adventure especially to see tiny details and colours.

Yesterday this miniature bird happened and seems like a miracle. It is not a great work of art but it was very exciting to be able to do this,to reconnect .

Save Me , I am Functionally Extinct

The Koala Foundation announced a few days ago that that Koalas are now functionally extinct

Massive land clearing combined with climate change, and the ignorance and lack of care by governments have created this tragic situation. It is estimated that by 2050 these iconic creatures will be extinct in NSW.and parts of Queensland, If we continue to ignore their plight by 2100 the species\ will entirely disappear .

Australian icon that may be extinct within a generation,
Australian Icon

Swan Dreaming

One of the joys of having a daughter stay is to be able to craft together. Living Crafts Magazine inspired this creation which was made as a gift.

While we enjoyed the process and togetherness it brought to mind a trip to the U.K several years ago. Each encounter with swans was breathtaking and has been etched in memory as is now is the pleasure of this creative experience.


Good falls of rain have come to us at last and have bush and spirits revived,Grey dampness is most welcome after this searing summer .

The cooler weather and grey skies remind that  autumn is coming and has brought on the urge to seek a quiet, cosy nook to snuggle into to knit and dream.

For me knitting is therapy. It calms  with its rhythm.When the brain is too busy a more complicated pattern calls for focus that acts like meditation.
Crochet blankets have a,nostalgic and warming nature,They seem like an ongoing hug .

This little nook at a plant nursery cafe on Mount Tamborine is very comforting,a place of shelter in front of a wood fire as one indulges in a good coffee and tasty treat.