To Market, To Market

handmade felt scuturewith miniature hand stitched frox.
In the Woods

Life has been busy and somewhat challenging this month. Keen astrologers would say this is the current energy of planetary alliances.

Busy keeps the mind focused on positive outcomes. Busy here has been a frenzy of stitching to prepare for a fair.

As always the deadline seems to speed up in the last few days so the busy frenzy has escalated .Days and night blur and sleep tends to be a luxury .

Above all I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to create and to share the pleasure of creating and connecting.



It has been too long a while

Hello again and apologies. Over the past year or so there have been computer issues, then no computer. It has been a interesting learning curve to realise just how dependant we  have become on technology for daily life. As yet I am not convinced this is totally beneficial.

On one hand it opens a vast exciting opportunity to connect, learn and share while on the other it can   lead to social isolation,the need for instant gratification and manipulation.By connecting to the ether we can become disconnected from daily life ,time and reality as well as  lose social skills .

My techno time out has been useful, and  has  offered more time to reflect, observe,  create, discover  and garden. As yet  I have not replaced the computer it has been  too busy living in a more basic and earthy world!

close up of tree against sky
Photo by Pixabay on


















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Small hand made figures representing the four seasons. These have been stitched from wool felt.
Seasonal Sprites

This  summer has been too long, too hot,too humid and too draining. In Australia the current season has been very fierce with weeks of hot and humid days as well as  many fierce fires and storms.No doubt many others, like me, are wishing for an  Autumn that might bring cooler days and gentle,refreshing rain and fear that climate change has greatly impacted Natures ability to heal and recover.

Pondering about this much  desired  change of season, reminded me of these little sprites that were made last year ; tiny beings who indicate that each season has its specific character and tasks necessary for nature to create and replenish.

Reality bites,it seems.


A Tropical Sunset,palm fronds silhouetted against a glowing skyA Tropical Sunset,palm fronds silhouetted against a glowing skyA Tropical Sunset,palm fronds silhouetted against a glowing sky
A Tropical Sunset, Gold Coast Australia.

This is perhaps a truer depiction of the Colours of Christmas on the Gold Coast. However,our local councils have set up artificial, plastic pine decorated Christmas trees where there are groves of tall majestic Bunyas , Norfolk island pines or similar types of fir like trees.

If eyes were fully open they might notice that Nature has been busy making her seasonal statement.

Flame tree
Mother nature decorates

To me this practice of favouring plastic replication is  bewildering . It seems as if  there is an encouragement to consider that the true beauty of the natural world is tawdry and that artificial replicas represent beauty and reality. Or is it another means of assisting and encouraging disconnection, of making people desensitized to the world around them,unable to discern and to seek knowledge and wisdom for themselves?


digital owl sketch

Sometimes an owl just needs to say hello.Lately the owls have been around adding another dimension to the night.

This one was sketched using the computer programme Paint and the touch pad. The result surprised me  as I have not played on the computer for a time, also enabling me to update the blog as there are still issues with uploading new photos .

For now sketching has to be put aside as this is a busy time for crafting with felt.


Row of blossom trees in full bloom at Melbourne, 2015
A Melbourne Spring,Edinburgh Park.

Spring is in full glory  once more in our Southern hemisphere. Blossoming is at its peak. All around colours and scents are rich and delightful. There is a sense of focused busyness as nature tries to ensure the future.


At work

Spring inspires. Below is  an embroidery on wool felt that was stitched last year.This project drew inspiration from the blossoms in the top picture and also tried to connect to older symbols of Easter eggs,babies and blossoms for new life and new hope.

Hand stitched on felt

Above all Spring is an experience of joyful beauty



washed ashore,shells,sand,sticks and stones. Sea treasures.

It was Albert Einstein who said “Look deep into nature then you will understand everything better”. He understood that relativity was not just the application of mathematics but a much deeper perspective that needed observation,imagination and creativity , that element of wonder that creates a greater awareness and understanding of the universe .

This  picture of the seashore  seems to encapsulate the story of creation. Minute particles merging to create new  forms,larger structures breaking down into minute particles; the timeless cycle of growth,decay and transformation that is the very essence of nature,life,evolution.

It is time to go outside, to observe and to meditate.


Another Spring has Sprung

Jasmine Buds

There is no mistaking that Spring has come . Buds and blossoms, birds and bees are  in abundance.The air is sweetly perfumed .

Bee on red pompom flower
Busy Bee

The hum of bees is evident as soon as you step outdoors, so much so the air seems to be vibrating.

Branch of magenta bouganvillea

The garden is in full bloom.

The workroom  has also been in creative mode.  Spring has had an impact . Little mushroom homes for mice are on the agenda this week and they all have needed bright,lush garden borders .Small woodland creatures have also appeared from felt and wool roving .

However, the computer is still being grumpy and will not accept new photos so I must leave these images to your imagination, or perhaps  a browse on some older posts.