Save Me , I am Functionally Extinct

The Koala Foundation announced a few days ago that that Koalas are now functionally extinct

Massive land clearing combined with climate change, and the ignorance and lack of care by governments have created this tragic situation. It is estimated that by 2050 these iconic creatures will be extinct in NSW.and parts of Queensland, If we continue to ignore their plight by 2100 the species\ will entirely disappear .

Australian icon that may be extinct within a generation,
Australian Icon

Swan Dreaming

One of the joys of having a daughter stay is to be able to craft together. Living Crafts Magazine inspired this creation which was made as a gift.

While we enjoyed the process and togetherness it brought to mind a trip to the U.K several years ago. Each encounter with swans was breathtaking and has been etched in memory as is now is the pleasure of this creative experience.


Good falls of rain have come to us at last and have bush and spirits revived,Grey dampness is most welcome after this searing summer .

The cooler weather and grey skies remind that  autumn is coming and has brought on the urge to seek a quiet, cosy nook to snuggle into to knit and dream.

For me knitting is therapy. It calms  with its rhythm.When the brain is too busy a more complicated pattern calls for focus that acts like meditation.
Crochet blankets have a,nostalgic and warming nature,They seem like an ongoing hug .

This little nook at a plant nursery cafe on Mount Tamborine is very comforting,a place of shelter in front of a wood fire as one indulges in a good coffee and tasty treat.

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that…

This hot ,humid summer has certainly slowed up crafting and zapped energy . It comes as a surprise to find that a few items were completed.

Needle felt owls
Parliament of the wise

I think of these needle felt owls as a Parliament of the Wise. Perhaps enough said.

Miniature rabbits in egg pockets hand stitched from wool felt
Bunny Love

This week has been focused on making these miniature bunnies stitched from wool felt .

‘The  project that has given the most satisfaction and joy has been more earthy’,a black bean tree grown from seed.

This plant has such determination to survive. It rallied after being pulled out of its pot by a young crow and has thrived in what seemed to be a particularly difficult summer.

When it gets cooler this plant will find a home in the arms of Mother Earth As it matures there will be flowers and seeds continuing of the cycle of life.


Hand embroidered and applique needlebook of cottage and thatch garden.
Cottage Needlebook

Summer has not made it easy ,and at times even impossible, to do handwork. However the time has come to focus and get back to the work table.

A long held fascination with cottage gardens and thatch roof cottages has often stirred my imgination and in this instance took form in needle books covers.

Each one signifies a journey,a new learning adventure to explore colour,shape and texture. A tiny dot can have so much significance and in the eye of the beholder be many different things

Each piece leads to a deeper understanding and a desire to explore further. Wonder and curiosity fuel each other.

It is a delight to know that these pieces might give pleasure to others and perhaps lead them to delve into their own journey of ceativity.


Seeds from the rainforest
Seeds from the rainforest

Dominating this picture  is the large Bunya cone . It holds edible nuts that have  have been prized for thousands of years. The trees do not produce  cones till they are one hundred years old . They have a lifespan of around six hundred years, according to research. It is mind bending to know that this cone has dropped from a  living tree whose ancestors were here in the age of dinosaurs.

Although unsure of the species of all the other treasures pictured , the one that looks like a prickly hand on the edge of the group is Australian teak, and possibly present are  rosewood capsules.

This summer is extreme in heat and humidity yet we need rain. These seeds will be planted in pots, tended and cherished as they are a precious gift. If they do grow their survival is a statement of love , faith and hope for the future of the planet.

Summer Days

 Summer Sunset

We are experiencing those lazy,hazy,days,of,summer,as an old popular song says. It certainly feels that way with many days over thirty Celsius. Heatwave days that have drained the moisture from the land and all our energy. Even stitching has been put aside.

My efforts in the last few days have been focused on trying to keep plants ,baby birds and trees alive.


My bird guardians take good care protecting their young. Ever alert they always  let me know if snakes are out near the house . Living here for many years now I can understand warning calls about which danger is being broadcast.

Another New Year has come  all too quickly.My resolution is to make every minute count, every second precious and find beauty in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.


Revisiting Mother Earth

Recently,l was asked to make a Mother Earth inspired by Sibylle von Olfers classic tale.

Some years back this needle felted Mother Earth and her root children appeared.

Mother Earth and her children,needkelt
Mother Earth and her children.

Another rendition of this ancient mother depicted her as a beneficient element of nature.

Needle felted mother Earth .
Mother Earth.

This is the latest version. The characters are Waldorf style dolls. Simplicity allows imagination to develop characters and their stories.

Earth family.

Her children to me symbolise hope in the future, but is it too late? Our treatment of the environment has been brutal,driven by greed and ignorance. Mother Earth has,over many millenia, been creating, nurturing and supporting life; whereas mankind has sent many of her creations into extinction. Has Her patience been too tested? Will she put on her dark mask to become Kali the avenger? This appears to be happening already as we hurtle into the dire consequences of climate change

Making these little dolls has led the mind into the deep canyons and vast unknown of contemplating the mystery of life.