first harvest

a larger wetfelted pumpkin with miniature heritage varieties

Recently I have wandered with the muse of inspiration  to create pieces of whimsy .  A  love of fibre has been a long-held passion  but previously it took expression in quilted pieces, painting, knitting, and soft toy making. 

In March,2010, a series of miniature needlefelted pumpkins seemed to be the key that unlocked a door to an outpouring of quirky characters.  After showing them to close friends, many asked for a web connection. This is a huge leap.  

Welcome.  Please come and share the delight I have experienced through creating . 

group of needle felted gnomes

How the internet has changed our world and abilities to discover, explore and express creativity. It astounds me to see the immense range of talent that is displayed. And with this talent the joy  shared with others . For some it is just being able to have a handmade- lovingly created item but for many it begins a journey to discover their own creative talent and potential .

I love teaching and always overawed and humbled when someone creates and realises that they can. A warning, though, crafting in its many guises is addictive;  for as we create we start to ponder on what we have to offer to someone else or to share or to brighten up someones’s day. This leads me to ask you to consider the link on this page for Softies for  Mirabel . Here is a way to “share the love”; I hope you will check this link and better still become involved.

On a more mundane level lately I have rediscovered a bread recipe lost for be twenty years or more. Using it always resulted in a delicious and crusty bread, especially when still warm .  

It was there all the time in The Terrace Times Cookbook, by Helen Arbib, that featured The Rocks in Sydney.  Just overlooked. One of those “fall of the shelf moments” when looking for something quite unrelated. There it was and how happy was I. Since,  I have been baking this version of Soda Bread again . Not a lot of kneading is required and no rising time as the buttermilk and bicarb soda do the leavening. It seems almost too easy.

Making bread gives such a nice feeling of being connected to earth and to ancestors. I waft off into a revery of living a simple and sustainable, self-sufficient life. The reality is so far I haven’t succeeded. Nor have I abandonned the dream.


One thought on “first harvest

  1. Hello hello! I just wanted to thank you so much for the lovely package you sent for MIRABEL! I am most chuffed at the treat you popped in! Thank you SO SO SO much for being part of this important campaign (and for being EXTRA generous!) xx Pip

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