Angel of Light

facial detail of needlfelt angel
Close up of Angel of Light
an angel shimmering
Angel of Light radiating light


Needlefelt angel
Angel of Light

This angel was the result of a request for a possible needlefelt workshop. As the proposed date was late November an angel seemed the appropriate symbol for the season.

In the Waldorf tradition an angel brings the newborn child. Many different cultures and belief systems acknowledge angelic beings. For each of us, it has been postulated, there is a guardian angel who is always with us guiding and protecting.

What a huge undertaking. How does one conceptualize something so awesome. An angelic creation came through by allowing trust and faith. What emerged from a bundle of raw white fleece was this Angel of Light.

Advent is almost here. In the northern hemisphere advent heralds the coming of light, a spark of hope glowing in the darkness of winter. Here the season is light filled, an Angel of Light must be present.

 I’d like to think that an angel of light  is a messenger who brings the light of truth and love; the light of comfort and hope; and, if we allow forgiveness to ourselves and others, transformational healing and peace.


2 thoughts on “Angel of Light

  1. Hi Christina, I wondered if you would be doing any more workshops, my girlfriend did a workshop of yours and made a beautiful spring angel. I would love to join in on the creative action.
    Love and light Amanda

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