Nature Study

head of a dog formed by a living tree
Natural Art

 How amazing and powerful is this image?  This  photo was taken in Brisbane, near the  Modern  Art Gallery. The tree is growing on the river bank, and it seems hold a powerful protector- guardian. I wonder if others have noticed this creature, or have other examples.

What comes to mind is  The Minotaur, Cerebus, and more recently some of the Jim Henson creatures. My mantra has always been “Look to Nature for inspiration”.

So speaking of trees there is another tree that has given me  exquisite delight. A tree crocheted by Kya of Clutch Creations for the Southern Christmas Swap. I received it just before leaving to go to family down south and have been ill  since with a chest infection.  Not the ideal way to celebrate Christmas. That bug has certainly felled me. In a day or to I shall post an image of this lovely little tree . 

My other swap was a handmade book,which had  a handpainted  cover. I was thrilled to think that the family had taken time and all contributed to this special gift.

Heartfelt thanks to Kya and Anita.


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