For a time many of us felt that Summer was not going to happen this year. Day after day, for many weeks, we were  greeted by a sky that was grey and weeping. Yet hope always sustains and the

memory of lusty summers and clear blue skies has turned into reality. Summer has arrived.

Here in Queensland it is traditionally wet season- we forgot in the many years of drought –  but summer is moist and steamy and lush and green and abundant. Down south it is a dry, searing heat, bushfire season, bleached paddocks, dust, and clear blue skies.

needle felt figure with sunflower


A challenge was issued to come up with a Southern Hemisphere rendition of Summer .

The first image that came to mind was of Sunflowers.  Their heads always turning to salute the sun; their garb the very colours of summer and their presence beams such a cheerful essence. Sunflowers. Summerflower, now a world-wide symbol that has taken on such relevance and importance. Not only is the sunflower an indicator of the season but it is a plant used to reclaim wasteland, to detoxify soil and as a symbol of world peace. How utterly perfect.

And then she emerged, Summer, full of hope and joy. For luck a ladybird popped in and, to symbolise transformation, a butterfly.  Summer resplendant is here.

What also occurred in this summer challenge was to connect with a kindred spirit, a new friend who resides in New Zealand. We found many common threads and interests and that has been exciting .

So now I’d like to share Summer with you and wish everyone a blessed, creative, healthy and loving New year. Peace be with you.

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