an idea of size ofthis tiny owl against a matchbox
This big!
miniaturefelt landscape with owl on stump in spring glade
Stepping into Spring

There is something about an owl. It’s shape and presence, those luminous eyes, the myths and connection to goddess and shamanic lore, all add to the alluring mystery and fascination that has attracted a vast following of collectors, poets, sculptors and artists. And, yes, I  belong to this group, since childhood a fascinated, intrigued and adoring fan. 

Recently I received a request  about owls and with utter delight began to fiddle with some fleece and a haziness of no concrete ideas but the excitement that comes with a new project and new discoveries. The “coughiness” of late has really allowed one to just go with the flow and so the fiddle became two miniature landscapes. Forests of imagination that turned from an autumn to a blossoming spring. And two of the tiniest owls emerged. They are each perched on gnarled old, vine wreathed stumps just waiting, watching, and tempering their wisdom; or so  one would like to think.  Perhaps owls just concentrate on the next meal, still and silent  digesting food, rather than mulling over deep wisdom but throughout history we have been told  otherwise so that these birds

miniature felt landscape with tiny owl on stump in autumn tonings
In the forest

have become very powerful and significant symbols in many cultures.

In the autumn scene I have placed a very tiny mouse who nervously watches the owl who is, as yet, unaware. The spring scene has a lily pond and path of stepping stones along which imagination travels to yet another place of fantasy and delight.

It is hard to gain an idea of scale from a photo so I tried think of a universal measure and hopefully the match box will do the trick . So here to share are the scenes which I hope will bring even more  satisafaction and delight to the new owners as they did in being created.

What was also fun in making these was to combine a variety of materials such as wool, silk, beads, felt, cotton and some stash bits  to give visual and tactile texures.   I hope that my pieces not only delight the eye with colour and the hand through touch but that they also are experienced  deeply in the  heart.


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