A stitching we will go

Once again the needle is dancing and heart singing as new characters emerge as welcome surprises. 

Indeed a surprise initiated by the intention to sort out the stash and my workroom. That was the intent –  till the felt shelf was tackled.  As I folded and sorted, the rich colours of the felt pieces just begged to be used. Somehow the “just a piece” here and there collected for something or other  had multiplied into quite an impressive array of jewel tones. Such delicious colours.

Tried to resist and began to file away the accumulation of ideas. Bits of paper with scribbles such as backs of envelopes, serviettes from cafes, little jottings on the back of shopping dockets, old lists, and so much more. Quite daunting to find so much and not to have used any.

a trio of tiny handstitched felt babushkas
Pretty Maids

In amongst this trove were a number of Matroyshka inspired sketches. If they were filed away it would be such a waste of inspiration and likely never to happen. To anyone else it would seem just a pile of rubbish as many of those sketches were made on anything that came to hand when the idea presented.  

Tidying took leave and creating took over.

Handstitching and embroidering was  a delight and seeing the different characters emerge very exciting. No doubt those mermaids, from an earlier post, probably had some influence as well.

Having tried out the the idea for the babushka girls  these gnomes popped up. They, too, were in that pile of someday makes.   Happy companions that would love to play.

 This is just the beginning; a little dip into on immense ocean of possibilities and potential.

Group of felt handstitched gnomes
Happy chappies

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