Inuit Inspirations

Close up of needlefelted Eskimo couple
Eskimo Couple

A complete opposite in theme to the post before shifting from summer haze to winter freeze. Once again the needle is busy,this time forming a special family. These were created from a request. As they took shape not only was aim was to make a birthday gift for a child but  also to honour  an ancient culture, one that is fast disappearing as the ice melts and westernisation changes lifestyles.

In this instance pictures possibly reveal more than words. However I must make an apology for the red thread on the father’s face,  an omission in attention to detail while photographing. Regrettably these dolls have left for their new home so  I cannot rectify.  I did try to photoshop. A few skills in that area need to be attained  as the photo ended up with big black blobs so you have it au naturel.

This was an intriguing and challenging project. The dolls bodies and faces are needlefelted. Fur trim was knitted and some strips crocheted. The clothes are made from  felt and hand stitched. Merino roving was wet felted for the dress and the parka was made from a piece of commercial wool felt that was hand-dyed.

It was a challenge to reproduce the essential characteristics of the costume as these are small pieces  designed to fit comfortably  in a child’s hand. The figures are intended for play, and hopefully will lead to a journey of learning and understanding  a different perspective that is very attuned to adapting and working with Nature.

Needlefelted eskimo family
Eskimo Family

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