So which came first ?

Handstitched felt hen and her egg
Hen and egg
Felt hen with chick emerging from its egg

 These little characters posed that eternal question. They are handstitched from felt. The hen is egg cosy size or perhaps a small puppet. The chick when tucked into the egg can be popped under the hen so that this little trio  become a useful teaching aid. Most of all this was a fun project that I hope would bring enjoyment and open curiosity.  

 Felthen with chicken and egg
Perhaps Easter hype also had a part to play in this creation. Not only did these characters emerge but also this tiny rabbit.
The matchbox indicates the size.Significantly the egg is red as a symbol of Easter and rebirth . The little circular setting also is a powerful symbol of life and continuation of cycles. On one side some Spring flowers have been placed to represent the Northern Hemisphere, and opposite them is an autumn leaf to indicate the season in the Southern Hemisphere.
miniature neeldefelted white rabbit in an easter settingTiny felt mat for easter rabbit which represents southern and northern seasons

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