Winter with Jack Frost

Soft Sculpture Jack Frost
Jack Frost
Close up of Jack Frost hanging up icicles on wool and wire tree
Jack at Work

This year we seem to be having a true winter, a rather cold and at times biting winter. It is a time to snuggle in, to slow down and  to reflect. The landscape here in Queensland is still green but there are some quite chilly nights when Jack Frost wanders about the countryside painting  ice pictures and scattering his gossamer  blanket made from ice lace across the ground.

As a child I came across a poem about Jack Frost who  drew magickal ice pictures,  inspired by the dreams of children, on the window panes. This story really impressed me and I can remember getting up on Winter mornings and pulling back the drapes to see if Jack Frost had decorated our windows, hoping I would actually see the artist at work. This clasic  poem, titled Jack Frost, is by Gabriel Setoun. With immense joy I found the poem again today at

With this memory still vividly playing again in my mind earlier this month I created a Winter Scape with Jack Frost hanging out icicles. Although similar to one made last year for Fingerprints, in the intervening year I have learnt a  more and practised a lot more so that  this Jack Frost differs in having perhaps a little more shimmer and shine .

 Jack  has a needlefelted face and a wire frame so he can be posed. His clothes are handsewn from felt and embroidered with metallic threads. His hair is from a fine spun  mohair. The landscape has a wet felted base and a tree made from a wire frame wrapped in wool yarn. Clear glass beads are randomly scattered on the ends of some branches to represent dew drops. There are felt rocks and various types of  fibre for dried grasses. There are also some tinycrystals of clear quartz, amethyst and tiger eye scattered around the rocks and the base of the tree. 

I hope you enjoy  this as much as I did in creating, reflecting and remembering.

detail of felt naturescape that Jack Frost decoratesThe wet felted base decorated with wool and wire tree,felt rocks,fibre grasses,metallic thread and crystals.
Detail of Winter Scape

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