A Frost Fairy

Frost Fairy with needlefelt sculpted face and felt dress embellished with craochet trim
Frost Fairy

It feels so much colder this year. Winter has quite an edge. Greengrass has changed to the bleached beige that comes from the drying effect of frost. Nights have sharpness and even here, in Queensland, some mornings reveal a fine netting of frozen dew draped over the landscape.  Jack  and the Frost Fairies have been busy.

Winter, too, has created the opportunity to exchange a Southern Seasons Swap. But what? and who? and how? would  best  represent Winter for my swap

rear veiw of the Frost Fairy showing her wings made from crystal organza and dusted with silver glitter
Fairy Wings

partner. It took some thinking and rethinking and restarting a few times before that aha! moment when a little Sprite introduced herself.

“For someone who has a website called The Fairy Ring you need to make a fairy” said she- and so this little Frost Fairy emerged.

As she began to take shape I wondered if such little sprites had been mentioned in poetry and folktale. Finding gleefully that  indeed Frost Fairies are decribed in prose and rhyme and myth.   

One poem that reflected my thoughts when creating this character was by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. It was written in 1871, titled The Frost Fairy, and describes how the “quaint and silent  fairy” spins frost  to weave shimmering garments for the bare trees .

Meditating about her essence it was not the coldness that presented but rather a vision that

Underneath a winter sky

lace trees,

dressed in shimmering white

as the frost fairy glidesWinterscene of bare trees

in and out

hanging her frozen jewels

that glow in moonlight

and catch the fire of sunrise.

The magic she instills is to make

a wonderland of crystalline luminessence.

What seemed special about this little figure is that although made of felt she seems to be delicate and even fragile. She wears the colours of Winter, of water, of light. How different to the many depictions of Winter as a dark and gloomy season. My wish is that she brings the sparkle and the magic of  winter to her new home.


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