In The Pink

Peach blossom,a pink inspiration
Pink and so pretty

Outside a misty morning which always  evokes a sense of wonder and mystery. Wispy vapours wreath the hills and wrap around the trees. Rainbow sparkles dance as the sun breaks through catching dewdprops. Mesmerised the eye catches a flush of pink. Deep, rich pink glowing in the white wrappings.

Surely it can’t be ? Yet there it is. The peach tree is covered in swollen buds. Some have already unfurled their frilly, pink loveliness. More blossoms on her delicate branches than she has carried in many years. Her display will be magnificent. Spring is on Her way. Brigid is about to walk the land here.

Along the back deck sprawled over the railings the jasmine, dewy and shining, also reveals a pink hue and promise of divinely perfumed white stars. Such excitement now with anticipation  of  this  beauty, which  thrills my senses and teases the imagination.

Aah Spring. Glorious abundant  Spring,  almost forgotten during this colder than usual Winter. Now when the landscape is dry and brown, crrackling and dusty, the green mantle Spring spreads is hard to picture.

I did try a little while back for a swap, and came up with a needlecase of blossoms and a little bluebird,who also begged to to take form. These were sent to America as a craft swap organised by Margaret Bloom. The photo of the needlecase was also taken by Margaret.

 Hand stitched felt needle case Seasonal Swap,photo Magaret Bloom               Bluebird soft sculpture of felt and fabric

 The time has come to get in the pink, quite literally. Time to delve into the wool stash find pinks delicate and lusty.  A new felt being is calling to come forth.

Usually my chartacters just emerge, a surprise till the last poke has been made, but this time the image is there and so strong. This little sprite quite  distinct. Well, in colour at least. And that is pink,blossom ruffling pink. And now the jasmine also wants to inspire and then……

I must away to my “cave”. Pink is calling. In the meantime I leave you the inspiration that has sent me into this delicious pink ecstacy.


One thought on “In The Pink

  1. You have no idea how much our little blue bird is loved. It’s been given a special house and is regularly looked after by sweet little peg gnomes. All three of my boys adore playing with it. Also, the hen – oh the love. I can’t tell you how many times a day that little chick hatches. (:

    I can’t wait to see your newest creation! I know you’re gearing up for spring. Around here I’m waiting (impatiently, actually) for the cooling days of fall. (:

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