A sketch made by me using mouse and paint programmeMy offering this time is not felted but sketched using the computer mouse and Paint programme

Our bodies seem to have an inner clock- a programme tuned in to the cycles of nature. Why this seems to have come up is that lately I am waking and wide awake by 6a.m ready to greet the day and charged to get going on projects. This is my summer cycle. The urge to snuggle in has disappeared. Energy is starting to build. At this time the bush seems so much more active, waking and stirring. Perhaps if myth is true Brighid has passed by calling in Spring and new life.

I love the essence and stories about Brighid and the way in which the Irish kept their Great Mother and Her teachings alive. As Saint Brigid She became  an important personna in their Christian ethos.  The myth had it that Spring is anounced when “the snake leaves the hole”  but on our place  the sighting a goanna is a sign that the land is warming .

Now that our immediate neighbour no longer keeps poultry the goannas seem to have moved down the road to better sources of eggs. As they tried to get into the house on several occasion, even pushing and scratching on the front door to see if it would give, life seems a little more sane and a lot more relaxed. On a couple of occasions a very large  one had me baled up as it prowled the hall and refused to leave the house. They have very big claws and sharp teeth so deciding not to confront and antagonise was the sensible option.

Extremely unnerving yet quite a powerful experience to observe one so close up. Their markings are beautiful. They do seem to have an aura of  evil that our society still imposes on reptiles, even though the serpent is such a powerful symbol in many cultures for spiritual awakening and knowledge. Perhaps that is the fear- terror of awakening  and confronting the inner truth and beauty when we have been made to believe that we are completly flawed.

Snakes we also have here – some very venomous such as the Coastal Taipan, red-belly black, and even a sighting of a death adder near the mailbox- all good indicators of needing to be totally aware and alert.

But I digress. I was going to wax lyrical about Spring and blossoms and bird song as the dawn lately has been such a magnificent orchestration. As well  the garden is  very busy during the day. So many different species of birds seem to be visiting and delighting in the water for we are now in a very dry phase. Our planting of understorey and bird attracting plants, such as grevilleas, seems to be bringing back the tiny birds like wrens and finches. This is such a joy and wonder. Each day becomes a thrilling adventure and the sights and sounds so fill the heart and soul.

I recently read a blessing, though unfortunately didn’t note the author, which said:Sketch I made with the mouse

 “May the wonder of the world enter your heart and fill your soul”


 mantra  is my wish to share with others through my work.


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