In the Pink- revisited

Completed spring scenewith the pink flower child
Spring has come
needlefelt work in progress,pink clossom child
Work in progress

A lttle while back I mentioned that it was Spring and pinkness had thrown a powerful creative urge. However, intervening events seem to have blocked any outcomes but going through some files I found this little pink flower child. This little neeedlefelt figure was created for a very special little girl- Ayla.

Here is  the little Spring-blossom Sprite beginning to take shape last Spring. 

Woven into the fibres were wishes of hope, love and healing. I hope this piece reflects these “fruits of heart and mind” to Ayla, Melissa and Steve now as they try to cope and understand the course that Ayla’s condition has taken. I hope this little fae brings calmness and a big smile, lots of giggles and reminds of the promise of Spring’s renewal and abundance.

Base for the flowerchild,hanstiched and embellished with beads.silkf and felt flowers,embroidery and ladybug button

needelfelt work in progress of pink flower child
Pink Flower Child

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