Sorceress: Sacred Women Series

Sorceress quilted panel overlaid with a darkorganza flecked with silver holograms.Beading and applique,as well as handpainted

Light needs shadow. Shadow neeeds light. Only then does the form and  fullness come. Each is mutually dependant and each enhancing, revealing but also disguising.

This Sorceress again was a surprise and a difficult subject. Working on her could only happen a little at a time. As her image emerged from the shadows it was a times too powerful and too disturbing. The finished Sorceress is covered in a veil of organza. It needed to be so. This veil softened the inital impact- or is it that it made her more “acceptable”.  All too often we mask up and hide our power from the world and more sadly from ourselves.

A  man who takes leadership and brings on change is said to be strong, organised, a leader, a hero, capable, remarkable, trustworthy.Yet women who attempt to do so get tagged with bossy, manipulative, domineering, fruitcake, and some not so nice expletives, amongst them the derogatory label of  “witch”. This last term is totally misunderstood. In it’s true meaning indicating a wise woman or healer and so most appropriate. However, it is the evil and ugly epithet that is intended when applied in this and most other situations to denigrate and distort the truth. A woman who stands firm and strong in her power is all too often feared and ridiculed.

No wonder then that the veils and masks are donned and women sink deeper and deeper into the shadows till their true selves are totally obscured and the society perceived and/ or a peer pressured, and media driven  personna overshadows. We, our lives, our essence is all but an illusion.

The sorceress pokes and prods and calls us to heed her powerful and yes, at times, uncomfortable messges.

Dare we seek the truth that lies within? Dare we risk finding our own light, beauty and wisdom? Can we let all the baggage go and together, men and women as equal, live and work peacefully and harmoniously stepping out of the shadows to embrace the light.

This work I called Revelation.

The organza that covers the whole panel is flecked with tiny,silver, hologram dots that catch the light and dazzle the eye. Ever changeing and ever distracting, though at the same time enhancing. This  Sorceress wears her mask- or is it but one of many? The symbols that she offers are those of transformation and renewal.  Her staff of life is entwined with the Serpent of Knowledge and capped with a skull to indicate that to be renewed we need to die- to let go the old self and old issues to allow new and exciting changes to come. A trail of tiny sequin butterflies fly around her – now beautiful acreatures newly “hatched”, delighting in their wings and freedom.


One thought on “Sorceress: Sacred Women Series

  1. Seriously, is there any crafty/arty thing at which you don’t completely excel? (:
    Color me jealous all over!
    (And really, I will get around to responding to an email one of these day. I promise!)

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