Light house
Port Maccquarie- lighthouse beach,whales and dolphins passed October,2011
Where the whales swim

During the last ten days we have been travelling along the east-coast of Australia from the southern end of Queensland heading to Kiama in N.S.W. for my nephew’s wedding. Much to our surprise, delight and great  excitement, on several occasions we saw many whales who were also travelling south.

Although the whales were a few hundred metres  out to sea, some even quite far out  close to the horizon line, we were still able to see them breech, flap tails and spout. One female also appeared to give birth.

 A local resident and longtime whale watcher explained to us that this whale was a  female who was spiralling slowly to deliver her calf. A little later there were two dark shapes in the ocean, so we were hugely privileged and awed to witness that miracle. 

This last experience  alone was a huge thrill but there were also pods of dolphins quite close to shore, leaping and playing as well as  abundant of Spring flowerings in the bush and  gardens. The normal grey-green of the Australian bush was rich with yellow gorses, white flannel flowers, purple native irises and tall, red, Illawarra lilies, some of these were as high as the trees. In the Blue mountains Waratahs were also making an appearance.Tall native lilly ,almost tree height,photographed on the old north road, N.S.W

This trip was hugely awe inspiring;  reconnecting not only with family, but ever revealing  amazing natural wonders and colours. However now not so exhilerating as hayfever takes toll and I seem to be a dripping tap unable to be turned off.

There is also another flip side to this story- while we were away bush rats decided to take advantage of our absence and renovate my car. They have eaten a large portion of the insulation under the bonnet as well as munching two large holes in the air filter. In the filter box a nest had been constructed from the packing materials. So far……

My car is being serviced as I write and I am hoping that this tale of destruction is ended.

Our explorations took in some new and spectacular territory ranging from waterfalls, and magnificent rock escarpments to lush green valleys with handbuilt stone walls and terraces; lakes and rivers coloured in hues of pink from red sunsets, and long stretches of beaches with aqua waves gently frothing as they broke on the shore.  A lighthouse on a craggy rock face and shells glistening and scattered in a mosaic across white sands. These pictures flash and mingle and will inspire for some time to come.

Shortly before leaving on this trip I had attempted another exploration – trying to capture the essence of Spring- in particular the theme of  renewal. This felt piece resulted. It is called  Sacred Mother and through it I tried to give expression to the emergence of new growth and new life; that creative force of Gaia, the Earth, Her essence  and Her cycles of continual birth and rebirth. How truly amazing, then to witness  the whale migration and especially to see the new calf emerge .Needlefelt figure to represent Spring and renewal. She holds a nest with egg,a bird rests on her arm, leaves sprout around and from her.


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