Art Fire

light passing into a multi- faceted crystal
White light Revealed

This photo of light becoming colour, radiating beauty I hope symbolises my wishes for peace, beauty and creativity in the New Year.

Recently I was asked about New Year  Resolutions. I hadn’t had time to give it much thought as we hurtled on to the end of 2011. The last fortnight was a whirl of preparation for the coming of two of my daughters, a time of joyful anticipation.

The time together passed in seconds, it seemed, and once my girls had left  the house was way too quiet and empty.

When the girls are here the house is buzzing. Lots of laughter and silliness, lots of chatter and wonderful shared moments. We  always manage to find time for an art or craft project. This time we made a Shortbread Star Tree – which not only looked pretty amazing, it was also very tasty. We found time to read, and time to play board games, explore a little, and go for a  swim. But best of all was the beauty of that  shared time and giving of ourselves to each other.

Now the house is almost quiet, apart from the ongoing  presence of the butcher bird family. They have two growing, ever-hungry babies that they have located near the front door. These now adolescent chicks keep up a constant squeeping;  (well that almost gets the sound). Hard to concentrate if one tunes in to the “feed me” chorus.

The resolution for this year that presented is this ;To live life fully, with compassion and from the heart. A wish that, I hope, will  influence my thoughts, actions and work in perpetuity. I would also hope that each day  will be greeted with wonder and gratitude.

When I was about to close the photo files this picture popped. A felt shell I made that is very like the crystal above in its colouring. How interesting to be reminded that at times we are unaware of what has remained in our consciousness waiting for expression.

Felt handmade shell with similar colouring as crystal image above
"As above so below"and recognition.

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