polymer clay baby fairy in a felt autumnal woodland setting


Dreaming- and so it is. This is the first day of a new year,offering  new ventures and adventures to unfold.

This picture is actually of a polymer clay sculpt from 2010. Trying to make this little one was difficult and exciting.

I have much admired and wanted to explore images of babyhood as they engender unconditional love, innocence and complete peace. However, looking at this tiny creature, there is so much yet to learn and improve. After this project poly clay seemed to get packed away, life was  too busy plus working with felt had begun to take hold of heart and hand.

Today I once again need to use the polymer clay to complete a request. It is hot and humid, the clay is almost fluid. Working with it has not been easy nor, if I am honest, fun. I don’t enjoy sticky and find it frustrating that it so quickly distorts. But my imagination has soared and the potential of characters that could be created and the realms of fantasy that could take expression is quite delightful.  I am tempted to perhaps try again with some newer materials that have since evolved and could give better results.

What has also inspired greatly was reconnecting with Amanda Day, now Amanda  DeVirgilio, who  had originally introduced me to sculpting in polymer.  Amanda is not only talented but incredibly generous.  Her site is  http://www.dollmakersdream.com/ which has oodles of information and free tutorials for beginners and those who need some revision as I did. Actually I seem to have lost a greater part of the day in wonder and delight soaring on flights of fancy. Thank you Amanda.

The project that has led to this reverie and need for further information is now on a hold . The armatures are made and waiting but  shall need to find a stronger more reliable clay. Armed with new information now feeling more confident and less challenged. Itching to get to work on some fantasy figures, too; visions splendid indeed, though these will most likely be textile based.

My passion is for natural materials.  I never feel altogether safe or confident using the polyclay, though now most are said to be  pthalate free. I would like items I make  able to played with and held: for dolls to become companions and confidants,  naturescapes to trigger to curiosity and imagination. Clay is too fragile and brittle. Clay and porcelain dolls are lovely to inspire and to gaze upon with an important place as artistic expression, collectable and valuable rather than useable .

Revisiting has made me aware that my leaning is toward the more practical and educational aspects of art. Making and  sharing beauty using natural products engenders a love and care for nature and awareness of interconnection. Making for children constantly puts one in touch with the wonder of the world. As I write this I become aware that making dolls is an extension of self and perhaps more complicated and fragile art dolls allow us to explore more deeply to find the beauty and power of light and dark within that we so often deny and reject.

So I guess that part of my wish to be intensely creative and productive this year is now threatening to engulf and I need to step back, take a breath and have a cup of tea. The danger now is not lack of ideas but an oversupply and trying to complete one thing at a time. Focus, organisation, efficiency, planning, structure- all  words that an artistic temperament is not totally comfortable with and yet needs to accomplish goals. A day of dreaming needs a month or more of action at the very least.

Touching base today with fantasy has instigated a powerful surge of desire and inspiration needed to fuel creativity bringing to mind a quote by Carl Jung, who said that  ‘without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever come to birth”. Well Carl, I sure heeded your advice today and it was good!



2 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. You sound so very inspired! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for you. I find that I work best when overloaded with ideas – and sometimes deadlines (often self-imposed). My husband tells me that I seem to thrive under that kind of “stress” in creating. (:

    Happiest of happy new years to you and your family!

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