Cooking with felt- making Cupcakes

It is all the rage. Wherever you look there are cupcakes. Gorgeous, mouthwatering temptations the real, edible ones as well as the many other representations that have been used in decorating household goods, as charms and as play items.

Till now I have resisted the urge to try my own version and become part of the fan team, but the other day a piece of cupcake looking felt fell out of the stash and an AHA! moment happened. I just had to try.  To make it I simply used a paper patty pan which I cut open on one side and  around the base, some scrap bits of felt, a little wool filling and whatever came to hand to embellish. I played, ahem, experimented.

Here they are. A lot of fun, possibly addictive and also useful as they could be used for pincushions or brooch cushions as well as playfood items.

handmade cupcakes made from felt
Cupcake trio

If you add a little lavender when filling they could possibly act as a moth repellant.


One thought on “Cooking with felt- making Cupcakes

  1. Lovely! My kids enjoy play food but I haven’t yet tried to sew any (despite having bought the book Big Little Felt Universe).

    I do have to say again, that little chick-in-an-egg-in-a-hen has been rediscovered by my youngest. That little chick is his constant companion. The other boys had moved it one day during his nap and the poor guy panicked when he couldn’t find it. It’s adorable to see him cradle it in his hands and declare “baby nee-nee!” (don’t ask why “chicken” is “nee-nee” as it makes little sense to me).

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