Summer is  becoming a fading memory. Although we are still experiencing the last of summer, autumn is tentatively making her presence felt.

This weaving of seasons new and old  seems to be reflected in the projects that are taking form. For instance  a pumpkin child and  an apple child have appeared, followed rather quickly by a gracious Strawberry Maiden letting me know that  Summer is not yet quite done. Perhaps, too, a little symbolic as strawberries are tiny heart shaped delights; fruits of heart, one could say. And fleeting she was .

Strawberry cluster

The Strawberry maiden has already departed without a photo aside from her little fruity offering.

Harvest characters

It is always good to be challenged and to have to take a step into areas not yet explored, like producing a pattern; testing indeed.  So for now as words are juxtaposed with ideas and images overlaid by a degree of stress and frenzy, I shall just share some images of these seasonal pieces.

Another Autumn inspiration came as a Harvest maiden carrying a basket containing a teeny apple and pear and coloured maple leaf. Her hair is wreathed with tiny leaves; these are an inspirational offshoot of Autumn gnome.

Harvest Maiden
Autumn Harvest
rear view of harvest maiden showing her maple leaf cloak
Leaf Cloak

5 thoughts on “

  1. Oh my, you are clever! I haven’t popped in for a while and now suddenly I see such quaint Little People inhabiting your space! I love these but I especially love the gnomes in your previous post. My Austrian heritage definitely gives me a sense of gnomes and small folk ‘belonging’ in my world!
    Thank you – I love seeing your inspirational work!

  2. Hi Christina, my comments these days seem to vanish into the ether? It is so wet up here that all my internet connections are a bit dodgy so lets hope this one works! I love all the felt work you have been doing. The gnomes are so sweet and what a lovely idea for the childrens math….wish I had learnt like that, I might have remembered some of it! The Harvest characters and Harvest Maiden are just beautiful. You have a real gift. I am guessing that you are waterlogged and cut off from town at the moment? It seems the whole of Queensland is getting a drenching. I am hoping to escape to a girlfriends house for a night off this weekend but just checked the BOM site and well I may be stuck at home too. Maybe we won’t be able to get out and vote 😉

  3. Hello Christina,
    Your charming little maiden has found a warm nice loving home with us. She is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, with some other of your amazing creations.
    As I am reading through your blog I wonder what inspires me the most… your art with hands or your art with mind, soul? (and your heart work of course).
    I find your writing very delectable if that makes any sense in English! 😉
    Thank you so much for being who you are and for sharing it with the world. We need so many more of you…
    Much love going your way, take care.

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