Celebrating Daughters


We have been offline for a time, because of computer dramas.  It is amazing how quickly this situation created withdrawl but also gave  the opportunity to use that freed time. For me it meant retiring to my workroom and the instigation of crafting fervour that seemed to go well into the next dawn at times. Tiring  but necessary to meet some orders before leaving for a short break.

Late April we set off for a family reunion meeting up with my sister at Port Macquarie. For several days we explored the mid- north coast. The beauty was awe inspiring.  However, I was shocked and saddened to see some large areas of  state forest  had been clear felled; even more upset finding out that this method is allowed. So first I’d like to share this photo – it speaks for itself.

A living tree at Burleigh Beach revealing a face in the trunk
Nature reveals


Another item I would like to offer is this litle felt figure who appeared in late February. As she took form it brought to mind that Girls Day, or Hina Matsuri, was coming up. This is a special festival held in early March, ( March 3rd), to celebrate daughters. As I made her I, too, remembered the many delights of daughters as well as the  sweet and gentle Kyoko who had  stayed with us many years ago and told us about the festival.

A small, handmade felt doll reminiscent of a Geisha
Japanese inspired


The dolls made for this festival are exquisite originating from an Eastern custom that goes back many centuries with the intention to dispell evil or sins. These dolls originally were sent away in little boats to carry away the evil. Hina Matsuri is the Japanese version of this custom. No longer are the dolls sent away  rather treasured and set up  as a display on a red cloth.  The tradition has evolved to place  the dolls out in five tiers with the Emperor and Empress doll are placed on the top level. On the lower levels are different attendants representing various court officials, musicians and samurai. As with most festivals special foods are prepared for the day. 

My doll was created from imagination and memory. As I stitched her a gentle and refined  character emerged which much delighted me.  Perhaps she is the singer, perhaps a little Geisha, but to me she celebrates the joy of daughters.


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