A surprise Visitor.

This week I have been trying to  to recreate a summer Child, the little figure carrying a nasturtium . It was a request that I welcomed most joyfully, thinking that she might warm up winter a little and pass on some summer glow to warm and enthuse.

This is who popped by first- and summer she is most definitely not.

Soft Sculpture figure representing a winter character made of felt and embellished with glass beads,sequins and silver glitter
Winter Mother

Obviously I had well immersed into the embrace of winter and in the seasonal rhythm. Who is she?  It seems a  Crone. Perhaps she is the  winter mother or grandmother.  She sparkles and reveals that in spite of the chaos , destruction, and the chill that winter brings there is also great beauty. In spite of the dark she is light.

The Cailleach of Winter is often portrayed as a dull, gnarled, ugly hag, a Bone Mother:  or in her aspect of Frau Holle as a stout matron but  to me this is how the Winter Crone has appeared.

The winter mother in her fullness dressed in light aqua and white and carrying frosted branches
Winter visits

I need to reflect, perhaps this is her lesson. However after some contemplation Summer did stop by.

Two felt sculptures, nasturtium summer child and winter mother
Summer and Winter

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