Light Spectacular

Sunset setting and spilling gold light over Lake Macquarie,N.S.W
Sunset at Port Macquarie, N.S.W. (2012)
A golden sky as the sun sets and highlights the clouds .

Setting sun making an orange glow over water through the silhouettes of boats

These images I had to share. During Easter we made a trip to Port Macquarie, in N.S.W. While there we went on a sunset cruise. As the time came for that moment when the sun dips behind the hills the boat stopped. In silence and awe everyone gazed in reverence as the sky glowed changing the greyed water and dull horizon into a a jewelled fantasy. For a moment we were all one in experiencing such a rush of wonder and delight. During  that brief encounter  Nature had embraced us revealing perfect peace and beauty. It was truly awesome.

The project it brought to mind was a very simple one of a  little lantern gnome . He, too, is carrying a light to guide us through those dark moments to find our own light, beauty and peace.

Hand stitched from wool felt a little gnome carrying a lantern.An original design.
Lantern Gnome