Nature’s children

small needle felt mushroom child
Beskow inspired mushroom child

These are older works I rediscovered when sorting through files.

The little mushroom child was one of the first flower children I made and emerged as a delightful surprise .

Another early effort was the little daisy girl below.

Seeing these characters again has me excited and very keen to explore the magical kingdom of the flower children.

There is no doubt that Spring is coming and below the earth the seeds are starting to awaken. In our garden the peach tree is in full flower and the first jasmine buds have opened.

For now I need to delve into the stash of roving and poke a little and discover who it is who shall appear first.

needle felted daisy child
A little daisy

2 thoughts on “Nature’s children

  1. I can’t wait to see what emerges. My favorite spring story is When the Root Children Wake Up. My big kids read it to pre-school and they make wee root children. Thinking of you and yours.

  2. Oooh cant wait to see what comes to life from your roving. I found a brooch that I made a couple of years ago the other day, I was quite impressed with what I had made…..might have to get out the felting needle again 🙂

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