Flower Power

Wondering who might pop in next led to these little characters, inspired by a piece of rainbow felt and, it seems, the thoughts of Spring. For now it is rather chilly and, although blossoms and bulbs are starting to bloom, Spring still seems a distant dream.

handstitched collection of tiny flower beds holding babes and a larger grass child
Perchance Spring?
more spring theme babes in pocket beds made from rainbow felt.
Spring in my pocket

During Winter these red pompom flowers are attracting a variety of wildlife, especially honey eater birds. The wallabies also enjoy the blooms. However,this week the jasmine has exploded into bloom, dripping over the verandah rail and sending wafts of perfume all around the yard and into the house keeping the promise of Spring alive and enticing.

Pompom flower that attracts honeyeaters to our garden in winter
Winter wonder

2 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. What absolutely adorable little dollies.
    I can almost smell the jasmine from here. I had a gardenia bloom this evening.
    Those red puff balls are so fun.

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