Spring Fling

Spring inspired colour and theme of tiny flower child emerging from a tulip hand stitched from felt.Next to this a little pastel coloured felt owl.
A Spring Thing

Currently finding myself in a weird sort of time and place warp. For nearly three months I was away and fortunate to experience the buzz and stimulation of city life in Melbourne and Canberra . Now back to the bush and tropical climate readjusting has proved unsettling. It has taken some time to pull oneself back together and find the rhythm of life here again.  In the city I found solitude and silence whereas here  noticing that there seems to always be a lot of buzz and noise.

Right now the four butcher birds are on the front verandah rail demanding attention. The turkeys have arrived and the chase is on as they crash through the garden. The king Parrots are whistling their “come and put seed out” call and the magpies now joining in the early morning chorus.White and black cockatoos are screeching and squealing . There is  traffic noise is cutting though the air which seems so much more intrusive and alien here. During weekdays is added the grinding and rumbling of the rock crusher from the quarry next door .

Spring has most certainly arrived. Outside there is such a blooming, native species as well as some “exotics”. Such delight to be found in the colour, and scent and the exuberance that Spring brings. This is our dry time so underlying now is the concern for water and fire, the ground crackles underfoot and the trees are beginning to drop their leaves. Returning home today I noticed a number of water carriers buzzing about the roads so Spring is surely here and also a taste of Summer.

Here is a little glimpse from the front door of some of Spring loveliness.

Honey eater in our red pom pom tree ,Qld.
Spring visitor
Grevillea ,native Australian flower
Grevillea Glory
Pink Grevillea
Pink Grevillea
Hand stitched rainbow felt owls
Spring owls

Spring loveliness has inspired at last and so has a piece of rainbow felt which yielded a fanciful rendition of these pastel coloured owls. Owls that hold a surprise.

the surprise,little pastel coloured owlets that are tucked into an egg

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