Who is knocking at the Door?

Living in the bush we get a number of interesting visitors. A regular caller is the Goanna , or Lace Monitor, who has a daily circuit to the properties below us. Later in the day he comes back up and over our hill. First impression of this fellow is that he appears to be rather fearsome, especially if you check out those claws; yet the marking on, as well as the texture and colour, of his skin is quite beautiful.

All the  birds loathe him. They make a huge din whenever he is spotted, as well as  diving at and pecking  him. The Goanna plays dead trying to look like a log or shimmies up the closest tree, trying to merge into the  tree trunk, as he is attempting in this instance. He held his pose for quite a few minutes till the birds called in reinforcements and a kookaburra arrived. One swipe from the kookaburra had him down the tree in a flash heading off into the long grass .

Another visitor- the goanna
Close up of goanna showing markings and texture of tree and skin
Gnarled Beauty



















Tawny Frogmouth in a tree by our front door (Qld)
Tawny Frogmouth

Last year  a Tawny Frogmouth couple roosted in the tree by our front door for over a fortnight. Although referred to as owls, technically they are not. This pair seemed not to be at all disturbed or perturbed  by our coming and goings. It was breathtaking to see them fly off at dusk and exciting to find them back the next morning.

A couple of days ago we had a less welcome caller who has decided to reside in our roof. From this you can only get an idea as his head and part of him were already in the guttering looking for a spot to get under the iron. Although not venomous, (this is a carpet python), and although they are supposed to be good for keeping rats and mice at bay I’m finding this presence a little too close for comfort .The birds warned us of this intrusion.

Carpet snake crawling from tree into gutter on our roof
House Guest


Australian Bush Turkey resting on our verandah rail
“Chook” the Bush Turkey


What can I say- he is quite at home! I wonder if he is trying to work out a take over or just on guard duty. Mound building mayhem is upon us.

Some other visitors who also popped in were totally unexpected. The intent was to make some gnomes but rather the whiskered variety. Instead ,well, here they are.

Needle felt boy and girl gnomes with toys,a kite and a doll.
Let’s play






































2 thoughts on “Who is knocking at the Door?

  1. Wow. Poor fellow- just looking for a home (and a snack). That turkey looks mighty comfy.
    How precious are those felt child gnomes and their oh so tiniest play things.

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