Grass Child- a nature doll pattern

Spring is such a buzzy time . All that fresh, new growth and renewed vigour that greets the return of warmth and colour.

Recently a little shoot grew from a squiggle becoming a little nature doll that became a Spring project for the Silkwood Craft group.  Making this little grass child was fun, easily achievable and enjoyed. I felt it would be a good pattern to share  to celebrate new growth, new ideas and new life.newshootpattern

nature table doll made from felt to represent a new blade of grass

A New Shoot

Construction is simple; the pattern has some instructions included to help you .


You will need, two body shapes, an arm piece, a base and a small grass shoot from a green felt,

a small trapezoid shape of face colour,

plus another rectangular scrap of a different green for the grass growing around the base.

You will also need stuffing,

some embroidery threads for the mouth and eyes as well as a colour to match the body.

Scissors, needle and pins and a little scrap of cardboard to insert in the base, if you wish .


Embroider the face details using french knots for the eyes and a straight stitch for the mouth.

Cheeks can be indicated by rubbing on a little blusher or non toxic pencil or crayon.

Using the pattern as a guide cut out an oval from one of the body sections. Make sure that the face will fit and can be stitched all around and held in place. You can use a small running stitch or blanket stitch  to secure. ( I cut the face piece larger and then trim back after insertion).

Now embroider some hair .This can be a lazy daisy or straight stitch or…….Be creative.


Place the two body sections together and blanket stitch up along one side to  the top of the head, then back  stitch across the top of the head rounding the edges a little but  leaving the shoot section free. Using  blanket stitch again go down along the other side.

You can add another leaf  or two inside the open shoots at the top if you like to give a more leafy appearance.

Now fill firmly.

Trace around the base of the figure to make your own pattern piece to give a correct fit.

Cut one base from cardboard and another from matching felt.  (I like to cut the felt base larger than the cardboard one. Then  place the cardboard insert onto the felt,gather close to the edge of the felt,going around twice, draw up the stitches and secure.)

You can also just cut out the two base parts  the same size slipping the cardboard one in between the doll and the felt base; either method works to help balance the doll.

Attach the base.


The arm is just a strip of felt- you may want to adjust it slightly.

Fold the strip in half  to find the centre and at this point stitch in the little blade/s of grass; a couple of tiny stitches will secure.

Pin the arm strip onto the doll at shoulder level. If happy with the placement then attach to the body( I used a cross stitch).  


Make your “grass ” to go around the base of the doll , attach this to the base with an overcast of blanket stitch.

All done.

This pattern is free to be used as you will. It would be nice to be credited and you may sell items but not the pattern .


6 thoughts on “Grass Child- a nature doll pattern

  1. Hello Christina, it was such a pleasure to work with you on the little grass person. As usual once all were lined up, yours was the one standing out! How can you be so clever with your hands. Thank you for sharing your art with us all. When I wander around your blog I always find myself in a dreamy meditating sort of state, hardly touching the floor… 😉 Thank you.

  2. So sad that I couldn’t be in that group. With fall heading in quickly, I might need a wee grass shoot of my own. What a dear to share her with us.

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