An Offering

Needlefelt figure of a small boy dressed in green holding a bunch of grasses.He stands in a small circle of grass
An Offering

Sometimes the strangest variations occur to the best thought out plans. For instance the creation of this character.

When I began to needle felt the intention was to make a little, pink, gnome girl for a request. Instead this small, green, grass boy decided he needed to arrive.

What amused me was that he needed a hood and cape, and then, as I looked at him after this addition to his outfit, realised he is looks somewhat like one of the root children created by Sybille von Olffers. Although he was not copied from the book, he is obviously much influenced by subconscious memory and a reflection of the delight that the book has offered to me and so many others.

This piece also illustrates, to my mind, the poem,”A Blade of Grass” by Brian Patten.  All too often we tend not to notice grass and see it as less than . Yet Spring spreads her soft veil of green that is a vital and important aspect of growth and survival. How often have your children offered you a grass bouquet? Did you accept graciously, thinking “Bless them”, but also “it is only grass”? Patten comments that “You offer me a blade of grass, You say it is not good enough”.

Grass has an intrinsic beauty and value.  Locally there is a grass that produces beautiful pink, feathers of seed. As the sun shines on it, it becomes luminous and utterly breathtaking.

Aside from it’s often overlooked beauty grass is vital for survival. Now more and more grasslands are being covered by concrete or converted to more “profitable” crops and broadacre farming, which are so unsympathetic to the balance needed in nature and life. Animals that need to free range on a diet of grass are being fed grain mixes contaminated by GMOs, pesticides and other chemicals, as well as kept in horrific conditions in feed lots and barns.

“A Blade of Grass,” reflects all of these aspects to me. Patten says that “You ask for a poem and so I write you a tragedy about how a blade of grass is so difficult to offer.” How often is it that we only see the ordinary and not the extraordinary?

This small figure again indicates just how much the connection to and cycles of Nature influence my work and life. However, he also came as a teacher to remind me to let go and allow that creative force to flow naturally and not be impeded by ego and mind control; to see in a simple blade of grass a far greater complex relationship and beauty.


2 thoughts on “An Offering

    • Thanks for contacting and yes, very much agree. By letting the materials or colours or a shape take control gives interesting surprises and opens up so many new possibilities and frees us from our own ,at times self imposed,limitations.

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