This is a plaque in my work room, a continual reminder,a mantra.
A daily reminder

This affirmation sits in my workroom, a daily reminder and motivator. I do so love this tile found some years ago in a garden centre.

The Butterfly is a perfect choice as the central focus- for through dreams and inspiration whatever we create is a transformation. In the process of creating not only do the raw materials we use undergo transformation but we, too, undergo a transformation, as  each experience is a learning, a discovery, a new insight that adds and enhances our awareness and abilities.

Inspire and encourage applies to all those we nurture as a parent and teacher, artist and friend, and especially to ourselves. Sometimes it is easier to support and encourage others than to have faith and confidence in our own abilities and dreams.

Create reminds me not to get lost in dreaming but to take action. It reminds me that creativity is an essential component of my life. It reminds me of the power and beauty of nature. It reminds me of the amazing and talented people who have become friends and mentors, who are such an inspiration.

So what has  inspired this week? What dreams have encouraged a new creation?

These last weeks have been hot and dry, which has been uncomfortable, as well a distraction. The heat has brought to mind  the poem “My Country” by Dorothea MacKellar, whose line “I love a sunburnt country” is etched in memory.  Sunburnt it is here presently. The grass has turned  from dry, brown, crackle to powdered dust.

Along with this poem another Australian icon is the Koala and to my surprise this is what came as inspiration for a brooch swap. In mind was something other, yet nothing worked.  So distracted and rather stressed I picked up a pen and as a result his little fellow emerged. I thought he might take shape “sometime”, till I noticed a piece of wool felt made from natural grey fibres . That aha! moment when realising and acknowledging that much of my inspiration, that “core of my heart”, is my country. Her “beauty and her terror” resonates strongly, her flora and fauna  are entwined with daily life here and have taught me so much. This I needed to share.

Hand stitched ,felt koala brooch,here with a real gum leaf,but a felt one was made and included to be worn together or separately
An Ozzie Icon

Koalas also connect to dreams. As a child I would dream of seeing a “real” koala in a tree in the bush. We lived at the foothills of  the Blue mountains, form where  koalas had long disappeared. Coming to Queensland ten years ago and not only seeing a koala in the wild, but in the front garden, was indeed a dream come true and has been inspiring, as well as encouraging me to create.

As Koalas eat gum leaves, one  seemed necessary and was included.  The two items can go together or be separated. My swap partner, Anette Grostad , is a great inspiration, her work is  very inspiring.You can find her at

If you would like to read the poem you can find it here

3 thoughts on “Themes

  1. My LIttle Missy Bugg, loved your Koala and promptly wanted to know if I could make one. I’ve always loved those peaceful looking critters.

  2. Hello Christina
    Apart from our Canberra connection, we appear to have even more in common. Where in the foothills? I grewup in Bullaburra. You do know koalas have an active colony in the lower Mountains area. I too have always dreamed of seeing on in a tree by chance. warm wishes Clare

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