Owl Works

Needle felt owls
A Parliament of Owls

Owls have a mixed press. To some they are portents of doom, of foreboding, of death. They utter a screech that haunts the night in warning. Here the sound is more a gentle and rhythmic  , “mopoke, mopoke “. On the other hand the owl is regarded as a symbol of wisdom and inner knowing. It is the little bird who sat on on the Goddess Athena’s shoulder assisting her to make fair judgement as it could see through deception, to the core. That ability to gain insight into the subconscious, into the truth of the matter in itself can be very threatening as it unmasks .

All in all the owl has a fascination and  can be a very endearing and interesting subject. Lately I came across several videos of owls dancing , they do it so well and with obvious pleasure.

Enough talking just wanted to share a few recent owl inspirations.

needle felted owls and owlets
Mothers and Babes
Hand stitched tiny owl from pastel coloured wool felt
Flight of Fancy
needle felt snow owl and her young one
Snow Owl

11 thoughts on “Owl Works

  1. We love owls here. My oldest points them out on walks at night with the dog. My middle son routinely “flies” through the house proclaiming “hoo-hoo hoot-hoo!” which is the call of the barred owl – local residents here.

    Your owls are simply amazing. Again with your attention to detail! I can imagine having these guys nesting on shelves and high places in the house – standing sentinel, as it were. (:

    • You are so lucky to have them around and be able to see them. They do have such a presence . My son would give me an owl ornament each birthday so they are rather special and have been over time.

  2. Very nice work. I keep thinking I’m going to be able needle felt with aplomb, only to find that I’m not really doing as well as my first project suggested I would. So I look at these lovely little owls you’ve built with great respect. They are elegant, detailed and wonderful.

  3. those owls are stunning. Here in NZ, the native owl was called a Morepork by English settlers because of the sound it makes. Such a haunting, evocative sound.

  4. Owls are marvellous. Not sure if you caught the children’s movie ‘The Gaurdians of Ghole’ (?think that is owl it is spelt) – makes you respect owls as glorious creatures of the night. Only saw it recently as a freebie at the National Library during the holidays. I had no idea it was Australian based. Your Parliamne treminds me of the wise owls in the movie. Like all your work, beautifully done and zoological accurate.

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