Home Sweet Home

Hollow stump made from wool felt a home for who?
A home for? 

Pictures alone present story making opportunities to stimulate the imagination and curiosity, to trigger awareness and to inspire.

“A picture says a thousand words”, or so old saying indicates. With this quote in mind, on offer are some images of recent work that reflects upon the ecological importance of hollow logs as habitat as well as  an indicator of sustaining and creating new life .

What story do these pictures tell you? Who else might live here? Where is it?  Why is it? How many things can you find? What are they? How many colours?

Small nature scape from felt and cotton with hollow log ,inside a very tiny mouse
Who lives here?

These are toys made from wool felt and  designed for play while at the same time acting to stimulate imagination and curiosity, as well as  conservation awareness.

Here is another piece that looks at fungi . It also focuses on the lesson of biodiversity and importance of logs to breakdown and act as a food source,  as well as provide shelter to many tiny organisms as well as larger species. This stump is intended to encourage discussion about decomposition   forests  and composting. It speaks of sustainability and protecting our wildlife.

Hollow log created from felt with bracket fungi and other fungal varieties
Log Life

What other tales and teaching could these examples inspire?  Perhaps  poems? or songs ? or art?  Would they motivate your family to go on a bush walk , or to take some nature photographs, or visit a  museum to discover more?

Hope so and would love it if you were to share the results.

Hollow stump home made from wool felt
Home Sweet Home
Small wool felt nature scene revealing mouse peeping from hollow log

8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Shouldn’t it be gnome sweet gnome, possum? Can I come and live at your place pleeeease? I willbe ever so good and bring my own stash of crafty stuff. The fungi is just so.

  2. Chippy the chipmunk would love those log homes. A tiniest hedgehog would love it too.
    It is always such comfort to me to see fungi in a circus of color, pulling life out of those logs. Love it.

  3. Beautiful!A new Steiner school is opening in Bairnsdale,about 40mins from Lakes Entrance,after christmas,I would like to buy some of these to donate,if thats o.k.

  4. I think I love your miniature landscapes best of all your wonderful creations! My favorite here is the second from the top/last one because I like the different texture of the waving strands of yarn grass and the bright orange leaf on the log. I’m glad you showed it to us in 2 different views, so we could see the wee mousie poking her head out of the log.

    Love the owls, the fungi, the bright red mushroom, too. I wish I could step into the picture and feel the soft felt! So cozy.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. I was hoping to make something similar but it won’t happen in time for Christmas. I guess it wouldn’t take someone like yourself long to whip one up though. Beautiful!

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