A hoot and a quack.


Making this tiny scene called for a something extra and the urge to make a duck. A tiny duck. And next an even tinier mouse. We are talking ultra tiny .

To be able to make these little creatures brought such and immense satisfaction and delight as both were free cut from the felt with no idea of how, or pattern or picture to follow.  They had to be .

Handmade felt sculpture,a miniature scene from felt and threads

Once done it seemed that there was more. Investigating the symbolism of the duck,  in  the Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols, I discovered  that an Amerindian interpretation suggested that the duck is mediator between the sky and earth. As it is together with the owl that seemed to be its function and the necessity to place it in the scene. All together it must be dusk with the duck heading off to s safe roosting spot and the owl just waking. That mouse is in risky territory.

This would be a good starting point to look at the chain of who eats who and how everything is so necessary and has a function in the web of life. It would also provide a stimulus for investigating the world that lies beneath the pond and the earth, such as the tiny micro organisms and the various insects and worms that all are so necessary  in nature’s plan for survival and renewal.

Perhaps this scene holds the key to a story waiting to emerge, as well as stimulating curiosity about nature and the environment. As with all these little scenes there is space to add little bits, such as seeds and stones, to personalise and to interact.


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