First try using Cribbler Too, a black and white sketch of an owl

The urge to experiment in a different mode was strong and the need to create insatiable. This is the result, a  perchance encounter on a blog post, (How About Orange), that drew attention to this very fun programme called  Scribbler Too: Mario Klingermann update.

It seems to tie in the year, this deeply contemplative owl, drawing on all around and within to assess and to direct thought and action. Black and white, sunshine and shadow, light and dark, yin and yang, a balance of all that is and all that will be.

At this time we celebrate the light and renewal, the hope that the season promises, and the joy and love it offers. It is  said to be a time when the veils are thin between the worlds and when imagination and creativity are empowered; a time of magic and an opportunity for deep insights.

However, the solstice also  also leads us to prepare to withdraw,  to set goals for the year to come that are the fruits of the heart providing the harvest and the seed for our future actions.

The Solstice reminds us that the frenzy and heat of summer are at a peak and now will  start to wind down slowly. Change is all around and it is up to us to implement action for the better and for renewal.

Owl, as Guardian and Wisdom Keeper, is reminding us that we are only guardians of the planet for a very short time and it is up to us to leave it a better place, to care and to protect, to cherish and to heal and to remember that all things are connected.

This very mindful owl, as does every spider web I encounter, brings to mind a message of ancient wisdom, that of Indra’s Net, found in the Veda’s. I have no exact source reference as it is something found many years ago when I was a student at art school, and that period in my life,  by now, is also ancient history.

The passage that I refer to often I leave with you as a gift, an inspiration and a powerful reminder.


There is an endless net of threads throughout the Universe.

The horizontal threads are in space : the vertical threads are in time.

At every crossing of the threads there is an individual,

and every individual is a crystal bead.

The Great Light of Absolute Being illuminates and penetrates every crystal bead.

And also every crystal bead reflects not only the light

from every other crystal in the net,

But also every reflection of every reflection throughout the Universe.

(from the Vedas written  about 7,000 years ago)

For in reality we are all one and in one another.

May your season be bright and loving and the New Year one of deep peace.

3 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. Christina I love your new medium, such a beautiful drawing! What a wonderful post as well, I love that passage about Indra’s Net it reminds me of why we have our energy pole in the garden here. Beautifully said.
    I always wonder about the negative side of our beings and life how that gets reflected back at us especially after the awful event in Connecticut just last week. Any words of wisdom for dealing with that? I made a star garland for our alter and lit 26 candles but these events are becoming more common place or is it just that the media is so all pervading now so we hear about it all so quickly? I think the energy from the solstice is making me very reflective…I am having a quiet contemplative day today. Blessings for the new year xx

  2. How interesting such old reflections are still so vital today. Hope you are able to have some minutes of rest and peace. The owl is stunning, as are the wool playscapes.

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