Applique journal cover of owl in a tree with moon behind made form felt,,cotton batik fabric,organza and highlighted with metallic quilting

There seems to be a lingering thread lately, a feathered kind of thread. The wild birds here  have been wonderful and interesting companions as well as amazing teachers and guides.

However this thread also ties to a crafting project, a journal cover with a slightly different approach .

The brief was initially for a felted cover but due to time constraint and not having the right or sufficient materials on hand it meant making do with what was available in the stash, (it was also a Saturday evening), and allowing that to lead. What was on hand were scraps of felt, lots of patchwork fabrics and absolutely no idea of what to create. Panic set in.

The fabric that fell out first, proved to be the key. It was a piece of batik used as the fur cloak in the Shamanka Quilt. Looking at this fabric this time a vision of a forest emerged, which led to thoughts of moonlight, an owl hooting and watching, as well as connecting to the Shamanka, the Wise Woman, and her inner journey. The Shamanka, too, is very connected to birds as the border of the quilt reveals . (

lLarge mutimedia piece,incorporates applique,quilting,painting,knitting,handspinning
She who journeys into realms of spirit and seeks the truth

Some scraps of felt were on the table; a piece that seemed like a tree branch and some leaves left over from another project as well as other little bits of felt that could be an owl. The scene revealed itself as if it had been waiting to appear. To give the effect of moonlight on tree trunks the batik was first quilted with metallic thread.

As things started to come together it aroused an awareness that the trees and leaves in themselves are symbols of growth, ideas and connections. The moon has a spiral quilted within to link to the inner journey and return to the outer world with new understanding . Perhaps the scene could represent a journey into the forest of imagination to discover new insights which also seemed to be perfect for a journal and for the special person we were honouring.


3 thoughts on “Journeying

  1. Your vision is very deep, full of meaning.
    I to be still looking for path that leads to inner shamaness.
    Thanks to this work, full of inspiration 🙂


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