A Green Affair .

Continuing green, or so it seems for the latest creation.

Felt frog puppet on lilypad
Green again

Perhaps the bleaching of the landscape under a searing summer sun has influenced the choice of that colour, as well as  the memory and yearning for the coolness  of lush green shade. Or perhaps the frog adventure has only just begun and needs to be more fully explored.

Which is how I commenced this post when thinking of it several days ago . Today we  are being drenched by the aftermath of cyclone Oswald. It is cooler and grey, the wind making it seem as if the rain is wrapping veils over the landscape and has filled areas with pale chiffon. The mountain is obscured, as is most of the bush a few yards away from the house. Several birds have taken refuge in our garage and on the back verandah. Where once was lawn, then a dust bowl, is now a fair sized pond. The wind is getting wilder, shaking the trees and wailing.

Rain again,aftermath of Oswald

Last night the bush was so alive, vibrating and resounding  to the rejoicing of many  different frog songs. Outside, as we watch, it is turning green again. what a contrast to the last few weeks of dry heat and the threat of fire. Nature has dealt a different hand.

Frog and tadpole handstitched from wool felt- original deisgns

The project that resulted while thinking green is a small finger puppet who also can hang out in a pocket or a bag to cast a cheeky eye around and share his  cheerful smile. He comes with a lily pad and a little friend. Together they tell of the life cycle of this amphibian and his fragility in the eco system .

Handstitched tadploe,side view of legs forming

Again the focus of this project is on nature, learning, curiosity, wonder and play; components that are so necessary to stimulate and encourage a child’s development and understanding .


8 thoughts on “A Green Affair .

  1. How wonderful!I am glad you,and all the water dwellers have at last had some relief,I see there are terrible floods in Qland,I sure hope you are above the floodline.

  2. These creations are so, so sweet. I love their expressions especially :). I hope you and yours are all keeping safe and that the worst of all the extreme weather is over, giving way to the beautiful song of the frogs.

  3. I love your little tadpole! The frogs went crazy here too and I have a container of tadpoles on the table that I rescued from the horse bath. No legs like your little fellow yet 🙂

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