Monster Magic

A handstitched, felt monster rendition, changed by digital colour play
Monster Magic

During last few years that wherever you look monsters are featured. Such a huge variety of shapes and sizes, lumps and bumps, misshapen bodies and features. They are made to be weird, grotesque, deformed creatures. Some are friendly and some are mean. What the fascination was had me bemused, and the need to create one had not surfaced. However, a recent incident has quite changed my ideas and revealed the importance and wonder of monsters.

A package was being made ready to post when the recipient mentioned that her son was into monsters. Looking at the finished article I felt that it was perhaps  too cute, too neat, too pretty. It concerned me to think that this boy would be disappointed.

While clearing away the work table a scrap of mottled felt, all wobbly and asymmetrical was left. That scrap did look like it could be a body….

So I played, snipped and stitched. It was a lot of fun. A tiny monster was born.

Oh My! I am  totally smitten and so in love with monsters.

Meet Splot. What and encounter that has been.

The felt monster, a tiny hand stitched shape with a wobbly eye and a long bendy tail.

This tiny  creature gave new insights which has me very humbled. What a way to reveal to children, (and adults probably more so), that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

All too often our idea of beauty is the flawless, the perfect, the symmetrical,the enhanced . Splot in his imperfections has so much character, is so endearing and so beautiful.

Perhaps by introducing monster characters as toys we can teach our children that everyone and everything has an intrinsic and unique beauty. We can create awareness that difference is not an oddity or to be ridiculed or  mistrusted but rather to be recognised as unique and special. We are not all the same; we are who we are and that is perfect.

The magic of Monsters is that they can enable us to teach and learn about acceptance, to encourage us to look beneath the surface and find the special ,unique, personal qualities as well as to realise that perfection is not the norm.


5 thoughts on “Monster Magic

  1. Love this!

    I would like to invite you to link up to my linky party, Thrifty Thursday!

    Hope to see you there!


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