Autumn Medley


Over last two or three weeks these mini heritage variety pumpkins have been finding shape .I had been asked to make these some time ago but the season and the heat just did not  assist. However, it has been grey,wet and humid for a little while now but also there is a hint of coolness and then it has been utter joy to  to pull out the felting needle and fleece.

This week crafting has flowed well and joyfully. Knitting is becoming a strong urge . The spinning wheel is much in need of a workout . Yes, indeed, Autumn is coming.

However, this year Autumn has a special richness. We are going to travel to Europe and the U.K soon. Still very overwhelmed and in disbelief as this was a long held dream that seemed unattainable. Excitement and the need to get so much done before  means that today my post is short but  glowing with the warm rich colours of autumn and anticipation.


7 thoughts on “Autumn Medley

  1. They look good enough to eat. Have a happy trip, a pleasant untroubled time and I look forward to the Spirited Maiden’s experiences on distant shores. warm wishes

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