Life Lessons

Hollow tree stump made form wool felt,fungi at base ,home to an owl family and?
At Home

Again sharing a  felt nature scene,  a hollow tree stump that has been hand stitched, appliquéd and embroidered as well as needle felted. This  hollow stump  tells a story of protection and renewal.

The log hosts various life forms within and without.

From the branch pops a tiny mouse,gently pulling on a thread that keeps it attached also manoeuvres it .
Taking a chance

Here you can see different types of fungi, and some vines,grass and moss.The little thread keeps the tiny mouse attached but also if gently pulled moves the mouse along, under and around the hollow branch.

The mouse is taking a risk but it allows an understanding of how nature has a chain of consequences and that nature is, in essence, a chain of who eats who.

A little felt snail on a yellow mushroom, another aspect of the life forms around,in and on the log
Another participant

Such a piece would also make a good story prop as well as being useful for the nature table and for nature study . Depicted are fungi, and other life forms that use the log in its decaying process to recreate life and to give shelter. Other animals could be incorporated such as snake or possum. It is a piece designed  to begin an exploration and to inspire stories and to stimulate curiosity.

8 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. I love it. Your creations continue to inspire me. I have started my version of Mother Earth. My fingers are being seriously abused, so obviously I must get better at needle wielding….or maybe I shouldn’t be watching T.V. while I’m felting.

  2. It ‘s wonderful his way of interpreting the renewal and protection.
    I am always amazed by his interpretations.

    A big hug
    Carmen (Radura Incantata)

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