Autumn Fire

Autumn has made an appearance .

In actuality I was trying to persuade a gnome to emerge from the fleece . It seems the season has permeated and has let it be known that summer has departed and now the Autumn maiden has stepped in to replace the Summer Queen.

Autumn glows with the rich and earthy  colours of the season, the red tones being colours of fire and passion, of awe and wonder that the season offers. This little Autumn maiden holds a changing leaf to remind us that that the leaf has undergone the cycle of birth to maturity  and now  is in the process of dying. Although the leaf will turn brown, shrivel and decay it will rest in the earth, enrich the soil and contribute to the new growth and life that flourishes in Spring.

small needle felt figure of a girl holding an autumn leaf

Brings to mind this quote from John Donne:

“No Spring nor Summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one Autumnal face.”




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