Simply Beautiful.

leaf in amongst leaf litter and new growth
Simple Beauty

This leaf was lying in the grass. It is in its simplicity beautiful and in its simplicity a powerful symbol. It is about to enter another process, to begin to decay. That process, also, has beauty and the reminder of transformation in order to renew life.

This seemed to me an appropriate image to reflect the season, festivities and rituals of many cultures that seek to understand and explain the enigma of life, death and rebirth.

Really it is all quite simple. From earth we are born and to earth return, as the leaf. Our life is a process of growth. Even though our bodies begin to decline from birth we have the potential to grow in awareness and understanding so that when we return to the earth, as the leaf does,  it has been a process of becoming enriched and enriching.

Later I found another leaf that had progressed further along in the cycle. As it begins to lose the outer layer a  fine lacey network of veins is exposed revealing the inner workings, its life support system, bared and intricate making a new statement.

leaf decomposing revealing vein network and taking on the appearance of lace

The lace like pattern of this leaf can be seen in other natural forms, for instance this lovely moth resting on the house wall a tiny creature incredibly lovely.

White moth with lace-like markings
Lace in nature

Again awed and  inspired a little leaf  sprite emerged, offering  leaves as they turn, for us to contemplate and admire but most of all to realise that life is a continual process of moving to different stages, each one needs a death to reform and to move forward .

Small needle felt maiden,holding leaves and also dressed in leaves.Rich autumn colours of red,ornage and gold.

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