At Last!

For some time many attempts have been made to answer a request for gnomes. Various other characters have introduced themselves but the gnomes have been elusive.

Felt characters who preceeded the gnome
Autumn Trio

As is often the case when you let go, that release seems to open new doors and sure enough this fellow appeared when that happened. Persistence is helpful but sometimes trying too hard and not taking a break is counter productive, as was the case here. The more I tried the results were far from satisfactory. Frustration and stress levels zoomed to an all time high. The joy, however, when a gnome emerged from the fleece, was exhilerating ,briefly.

Needle felted gnome character
At last!

He appears to be quite contemplative and sometimes, caught unawares, it seems as if he will come to life and scamper off into the bush to tend to the animals and plants. There is an injured bush turkey presently who could do with some extraordinary comforting and healing.

close up of the gnome's face,in a contemplative mood perhaps.

According to European lore gnomes are good luck in the home and when treated with respect bestow all manner of assistance. Gnomes tend to the forest and  animals. Not sure who the equivalent local nature guardian is, but feel that there must be similar traditions as our myths relate to survival by understanding and working with the cycles of nature with respect and reverance. Their “primitive” teaching acknowledges that resouces are finite, something our “advanced”civilsation has forgotten and that has now led to the disastrous consequences facing the planet.

According to lore gnomes are offended by laziness,disrespect as well as the mistreatment of animals and nature, and would want justice. I wonder how they are feeling now and what they might deem as necessary action to redress the imbalances. Or has it become  too big a problem to salvage?

Sadly here on our very doorstep in the last two days our neighbours have bulldozed acres of bush. The area of bush cleared was a koala corridoor, an area that had feather tail gliders and understorey that was shelter, food and protection for countless insects, small birds, lizards, reptiles and marsupial mice.They see their actions as progress and our concern as lunancy. Our state government is about to introduce legislation to clear thousands of hectares of rainforest and bush at a time when trees are so vital for the well being of the planet.The gnomes and I weep, Brian is heartbroken.


5 thoughts on “At Last!

  1. The disrespect to our animal kingdom and their homes is always a hard thing for me to understand.. How and Why does this keep happening
    Your work is truly beautiful!!

  2. I love your latest creations. ( It is fun to see autumn creations when we are experiencing spring here….although a cold and snowy one.) Their little faces are so expressive. I am still trying to finish my version of Mother Earth, and unfortunately the expression on her face resembles more of a ogre’s mean stare. Definitely have to work on that.
    I empathise completely regarding your pain over the bulldozing of forest. We are “progressing” ourselves right into the eventual destruction of our planet.

  3. Love this wee man. He has kissable pouty lips, on such a wise and knowing face.
    Wow, that sounds like a lot of destruction. I spent the afternoon planting shrubs, trying to turn a good bit of this little seven acres into something ever in bloom.
    Are there no protections in place where you live for such wildlife habitat? I can understand your grief.

  4. Your Autumn Trio is really beautiful and your gnome is looking like “David the Kabauter”. My son did like this film and the book as the gnome helpes the nature, the animals and the humans. When I saw your gnome I remembered the book at once.
    Wonderful work
    Best regards from Bavaria

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