A winter trio

small Waldorf style seasonal table  doll dressed in white hooded cape that is embroidered and beaded
Winter comes

Sunny Queensland has taken on a chillier and a very  distinct winter aspect. Down in the Southern States  snow has been  falling on the alps.

Some new winter characters have appeared, seeming to know just when  it became necessary to light the fire and huddle up close, snug and  wrapped in a blanket. They too are rugged up and ready to participate in the seasonal magic that transforms the landscape and whispers “Rest”.

However, for me the taste of winter is but that. In a few days we will be stepping  back into summer and stopping over in Singapore on the way to Great Britain, which seems  seems a very intangible concept for now. While in Singapore we will delight in the Cloud Gardens and rich aromas, colours, culture and experiences of a world so different.

But for now it is winter, cold and warm all at once  .

Three waldorf style figures dressed in felt cloaks in the traditional seasonal colour of ice blue and white
A winter trio

This is the post that was preset to go up as we headed north, since we have landed in the U.K. to a chilly welcome ,a  season  that is somewhat confused, grey and bleak and quite wintry. So these personna seem to be lingering here too.


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