Dragon Encounters

sign with iconic welsh dragon
An icon- the welsh dragon

While travelling more dragons were encountered and seemed an appropriate addendum to a previous post. In that post I had intended to include mention of the iconic Welsh dragon but did not have a picture, since it has been encountered on quite a few occasions, such as this sign that was on a shop in Llangothlen. Many red dragons featured on flags as well as on the toiletry items,gifts,and jsut about every article imagineable.

Medieval period carved dragon,Chester.U.K
Medieval period carved dragon,Chester.U.K

Another dragon is this medieval carving that decorated a building in Chester, on the border with Wales. In the past there were many skirmishes and defences were erected to repel the Welsh raids. It was here that the story of George and the dragon came to mind and I realised that it could  be an ancient oral account of the defeat of the Welsh by the English,  much like the myth of Saint Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland. Accounts that used symbols which in time were perhaps taken too literally.

Stone dragon in market place at Caernarvon,Wales.
On guard

Carved from stone this fellow sat in the market square in Caernarvon,Wales, in front of the Castle, greeting and guarding.

Castle at York.U.K
Castle at York.U.K

Castles and dragons are much connected ,this one at York ravaged by time and who knows maybe it incurred the wrath of a dragon, dragons or greed,envy and religious differences.


3 thoughts on “Dragon Encounters

  1. Is your mind falling tumble, bumble, pall, mall into wool ideas to create when you come home?
    Dragons are so fascinating.
    Hope you continue to delight in whatever surrounds you.

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