Seeing Brisbane Anew.


ccEarly morning at Brisbane.Australia
Early morning at Brisbane.Australia

It is hard to believe our trip to the U.K,Ireland and Europe has ended. At the end of July we returned to Australia , a day later we ventured back to our bush home.

Presently it seems as if the time away was but a dream, or had happened in just the blink of an eye even though we have been out of the country for over ten weeks.There were times, however,that the blink seemed stuck as life became a sequence of overnight stays, living out of a suitcase and in constant motion. In the end that lifestyle had normalcy.

An English village river scene shown in comparison and wondering if it was a deam or real
Was this real? Burford,U.K

On our return we spent a night in Brisbane. The next morning, while waiting for the peak hour traffic to clear, we walked around the city seeing it with fresh eyes. It seemed that the sky was much brighter and bluer than memory served, and also that the streets were cleaner, the buildings more interesting and above all everything seemed much more beautiful.

Busy Brisbane River
Busy Brisbane River

Thoughts of coming back to the bush and that former lifestyle created some apprehension. Being among people, at times vast throngs of people, as well as being in a constant flux of new experiences and situations is very different to the life lived here. After a day, being back still seems strange and different. However, the wallabies and birds have reappeared and seem rather pleased to find that we have returned.

City Roos by Brisbane Artist Christopher Trotter
City Roos by Brisbane Artist Christopher Trotter

Naively I thought that I could keep blogging while away but access to the net and trying to post proved to be difficult and at times impossible so I learnt to let things be, and just be. No crafting, no writing or drawing, just observing, making new friendships and contacts, doing a lot of walking, taking quite literally thousands of photos and hoping that in time everything will join together to form a beautiful tapestry of wonder and delight that I can share.

Reflections in and of tall city buildings,Brisbane.Qld.Australia
Reflections-Brisbane ,Qld.Australia

Ironically I shall start to reveal this tapestry at the point of return. Thus the circle has closed for the end is also the beginning. The first images to be shared are ones that reveal the place of departure and the point of return. Travelling assists us to see unblinkered enabling us to value and appreciate all the more the places and people who create the patchwork fabric of our lives.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Brisbane Anew.

  1. It’s good to hear that you’re back home now and that you had a wonderful time. The longest I’ve been away from home was maybe a week – I can’t imagine what it must be like coming back after ten!

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. This should be a fun armchair traveling adventure. Perhaps for those of us relatively new to your blog, who don’t live in Australia, you could give us a few picture of where you live for contrast. For me, the bush sounds very exotic. I don’t really have an image of what is home for you. We certainly don’t have wallabies where I live, so you could start there.

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