A Spring Theme

Two rabbits frolicking in the field at Beatrix Potter's first farm ,Lakes District .U.K
Spring ,Beatrix Potters Farm.

Beatrix Potter has given the rabbit a special place in the hearts of many people world wide through her exquisite art work and storytelling .She has created endearing characters,not only of rabbits, but also of other familiar animals.

Hilltop.Beatrix Potter's farm in the Lake District village of Sawrey.U.K
Hilltop.Beatrix Potter’s farm in the Lake District village of Sawrey.U.K

Like the hordes of other fans a visit to Beatrix Potter’s home, her first farm “Hilltop”at Sawrey, in the Lakes District was an absolute must do. Her home was left as if she had just stepped outside. It was cosy, intimate and beautifully preserved. Most of all this  was a highlight experience at the end of Spring.

As it was  a late Spring  the village was still in full flower, and seemed like stepping straight into a picture postcard, or a dream, a time past yet so very present. A Spring that will remain etched  in memory and as a inspiration for this lifetime.

Spring garden,Sawrey.Lake District.Beatrix Potter's farm location.
Quintessential Spring CottageGarden-Sawrey U.K

Features that were painted and written about in the Beatrix Potter stories was all here. Stone fences, pretty cottages, green fields ,even Mr. McGregor’s Cottage.

View fromthe gate of Hilltop overlooking fields,stone fences and village of Sawrey
Sawrey,Lake District.U.K

Visiting Sawrey was like the wonder and delight of a forever Spring   that has so much loveliness to share.

Buckle peat cottage that featured in Beatrix Potter Stories ,to see is to wonder.
For Real

One recent commission is a seasonal piece for Spring. It was a very grounding experience connecting again to  the actual southern hemisphere season.

Spring is fresh, new, full of promise, beauty and new life.  A tree about to burst into leaf, a little bird singing ,a nest with eggs, these tell the story of this perpetual cycle.

Handmade tree with tiny birds and nest to celebrate Spring
Spring Song

I am very tempted to include a little rabbit as it is  a very ancient Spring Symbol  but  this work is for Queensland so that might not be appropriate. In this state there are hefty fines for keeping rabbits. As an introduced species it has  been accorded pest Status and is an example of what happens when nature is thrown out of balance.

However the Rabbit ,and/or  hare is long connected to the celebration of Spring. Many different cultures celebrate this season as a fertility festival predating the Christian Easter.  In Europe this was connected to Goddess Ostara or Eostre . Here in the southern hemisphere the period of Easter falls in Autumn. It seems a little strange to be celebrating Spring  and new growth when we are preparing to hunker down for winter.


4 thoughts on “A Spring Theme

  1. I enjoyed the story of your visit to Beatrix Potter’s home. I’d love to visit it; it’s so charming. Your reflections on the Queensland perspective on rabbits and Easter are very interesting. I’ve never been anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, and I have a hard time wrapping my head around the differences and similarities with the US. That’s what makes reading blogs from around the world so fascinating.
    We take rabbits so for granted in the US that my impulse would be to say yes to having one under the sweet tree, but I can certainly understand why it wouldn’t be appropriate. I think it best to leave them out to preserve the serenity of the scene.

    • Hi, lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for taking time to reply and for thinking about the issue .Your comment makes a lot of sense and i love that you think the scene reflects serenity. Down here there many similarities with US in a lot of things especially lifestyle. As for the tree – it was a bad photo and did intend to take a better one after tweaking some more, (added tiny crystals to the base among the flowers and a tiny rabbit),however forgot as it was a pretty intense week and several things on deadlines. The recipient ,on asking, wanted the rabbit as a link to the symbolism of the season. I was glad to do so as I do like rabbits and connecting to symbolism, but it was a dilemma. For now it is hot and dry with fire an ever present threat. Already some bad fires in the south which is too early, as is the heat. We have had some 30c days, more like Summer than Spring. Outside is dusty,brown and crispy.Instead of that lovely green flush the trees are turning yellow and dropping leaves.Ticks are in plague proportions in this region too- not good as bites can have nasty side effects. A sulphur crested cockatoo has just landed in screeching hello – more like a demand for breakfast.Two or three of them have visited regularly now for several years, it always thrills me and humbles me when animals choose to interact and trust. The bush turkeys are back too “helping” in the garden which is quite devastated – i’ve learnt to let go and let be.The rainy season ,if it comes,starts in October in this area, ddown south it is usually winter. When the rains come the green and growth is amazing. i have rambled .Best wishes and also a cheery hello Christina

      • If not a rabbit, why not a bilby (maybe scene is a bit moist for it) or a little rock wallaby glancing round at the lush grass?

        I have a problem with the extremely decorative in craft but dreadfully poisonous red spotted beech toadstool in life. To use or not to use! I dread young ones will identify with them being safe to touch.
        Glad you had such a glorious time OS. I really enjoy reading your missives. They bring a joy to my heart. Keep safe sweets.

  2. My, I’m very behind. Hmm, I hadn’t ever consider bunnies being considered too pesky. Here, I plant enough for them and me. Love the tree, and those tiny sweet birds.

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