Mountain Characters

Pirate scarecrow Tamborine Mountain Festival, resplendent with all trappings-ship,cutlass,"parrot",shark,rat and eye patch, as well as the jolly roger.
Yo Ho Ho

Recently a Scarecrow Festival held on Tamborine Mountain, not far  along the road  from where we live. This year it attracted a lot of participation and interest.

Highlight was Thomas the tank engine and a small group of child scarecrows, with Thomas puffing and panting, rearing to go. Sadly that picture did not come out well but I do have a few other interesting personalities to share .

The imagination and creativity presented last weekend was truly awesome. Fantasy, reality, protest, familiar characters, all shapes and sizes paraded throughout the mountain and even down the slopes.

What tickled my fancy was that up here in the bush a pirate ship had docked,  it’s captain complete with all the pirate symbols. However it had a uniquely Mountain touch. Can you see the rainbow lorikeet perched on his shoulder?

Close up to show lorikeet on the pirate scarecrow's shoulder
A true Mountain Pirate,with lorikeeet.

Another typical Australian personality, and at a time when disastrous bushfires raged in the south, was this volunteer.

Scarecrow representing endangered species dresses as an emergency volunteer,here fighting a fire

There was our own dingle dangle scarecrow with handcrafted touches,

Scarecrow that has little pieces of crochet,art work and cut felt shapes decorating his outfit.
Dingle, dangle scarecrow

accompanied by a bush band .

Three scarecrows who form a bush band
Bush Band

A little further along a mountain fairy.

Scarecrow as a fairy
Mountain magic

So many more  and at the same time my precious camera was too overawed to participate. It had a hard fall it a few months ago  and although it has worked  again, lately is getting temperamental, especially in the heat. Feeling a little despondent I stopped for a “cuppa”  to be greeted by  mine host offering a welcome .

Scarecrow who represents the Dutch owner of a local mountain cafe
Mine Host

Although the creativity was impressive what has most impressed was the community involvement. Perhaps your community might like to host a similar event, have fun and in doing so make some wonderful new friends


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