Melbourne Vignettes

Southbank,Melbourne September 2013
Southbank,Melbourne September 2013

In late September I visited Melbourne. Once more it reminded me of Paris, although on previous occasions this was but a thought , now a comparison based on experience.

As in Paris music is to be found throughout the city, music of every genre. On Spencer Street Bridge which spans the Yarra River, Captain Pugwash kindly posed for this photo.

"Captain Pugwash" a Melbourne Musician playing accordion on Spencer Street Bridge
“Captain Pugwash”

In the city outside the Royal Arcade, as the trams rumbled past and crowds jostled, strains of classical music hovered in the air; rich, honey tones of a cello. Perhaps for a few seconds the frenzied crowds and souls were soothed.

cellist playing in the city Melbounre,outside the Royal Arcade.2013
Soothing Souls

A little further up the street there were rock and folk bands, a comedian, a clarinet and a mime artist, each adding to the richness and variety of creativity, music and culture to be found everywhere in the city .

Posing as a seated statue this man intrigued passers by in  Melbourne
All About Illusion,

Cafes, galleries, gardens and four seasons; cobbled, bluestone alleyways and terrace buildings; trams and horse drawn carriages; old lanterns, street art and flower displays;  the river. All of these and more to delight, inspire and savour. Every visit made to the city over the years presents  new discovery, new insights, new learning and inspiration .

Mosaic Mastery Melbourne
Mosaic Mastery Melbourne
Aftermath in the Alley- just after a storm.wisteria seems so artistically placed.
Cobblestones and Wisteria, Fitzroy
Street art depicting a monkey and asking "waht would a monkey want to say,part of a large allegory painted all over an old hotel,,Fitzroy,Melbourne2013
One wonders

Maybe he would suggest that a visit to Melbourne always nourishes all the senses.


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