Once Upon A Time

“Once upon a time”, begins many a folk tale. Stories unfold to stimulate our imagination and originally were intended to share ancient wisdom and teaching. Till fairly recent times most people were illiterate . It was through story telling and pictures that history, information, spiritual wisdom, and moral codes were passed on to the next generation.

Often these tales   encourage motivation to do right, to be the hero, to dispense justice and vanquish evil. Although older stories  seem to favour  “might is right ” many also encourage thinking before acting, using cleverness and strategy to achieve victory over an enemy, a fear or self.

Here are some pictures of a recent, commissioned project to depict a familiar folk tale that is an example of how thinking and action were employed before action. Perhaps the use of force is not to be recommended and other strategies that could be implemented might be evoked.

Story mat made from felt showing a birdge corssing a river,on oneside rocky terrain,the other a lush grass.
Story mat

Can you guess what comes next?

One small goat atop the rocky outcrop on the mat....
One small goat ….

Perhaps there are more .

Now there are three goats on the rocks
Now there are three

Don’t forget the bridge.

A bridge to cross
A bridge to cross

Crossing this bridge has inherent danger.

Beware Troll
Beware Troll

The three Billy goats gruff revealed.

The mat with all the characters
Three Billy goats Gruff

5 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. Oh! I adore this! My boys love this tale (and so do I). We have wooden goats and a troll but I must say that your wool ones are much nicer. Those horns! That hair! Love! (:

  2. We have a creek that runs down the side of our house, through a culvert and empties to the big creek in front. We have a grumpy Ol’ troll that lives in culvert who has provided no end of imaginary fun with fourteen kids now instead of three.
    love, love, love

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