A Fairy Tale Icon

Red and white spotted mushroom house with open door.inside is lined.garden details are appliqued.

For many years an urge to make a mushroom house has been simmering.  Such a project does seem to be  a cliche or perhaps it might be regarded  as a story telling icon, but  it is  a concept that has been around for a very long time and interpreted in countless ways in various art forms.

This idea was first presented during childhood, when my little sister was given Noddy books by Enid Blyton, and gave such delight trying to imagine how it would be to live in a little mushroom house  for real. Many a day dream evolved. From that time sketches also happened. I have many, and also have lost and binned many of these over the years .

However, in the last decade especially, I have pondered more on how to create one myself. A whimsy that needed to represent the “reality” of make believe.

This year it happened. A small experimental mushroom house  that had sat in bits for  over two years or more  came together, much inspired by Nikki and Mia of Toadstool house. Then there was another and….

Hand stitched form felt, red and white mushroom house
A Fairy Home

However, I need to work out a better process. My creations are formed from a very hard, thick felt, embellished  with hand  embroidered, beaded and appliqued details. Stitching through the thick felt is extremely cruel to finger tips but it does give a good solid foundation.

Detail of applique garden and wool embroidered roses.
A Fairy Garden
 Garden of second house showing pot plant with bead flowers as well as wool embroidery and applique
Garden detail of a second house

For now other projects are calling but one day a fairy village might emerge .


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